What is Auto Laminate?

Auto Laminate is a cost effective method for decorating and manufacturing durable plastic parts - an ideal solution for automotive interior applications.This is not a sticker, it's a manufacturing process.

This new printing technology is based on a water-soluble film, upon which printed patterns of ink are applied. This film base dissolves in the water, leaving the ink behind. The ink then adheres to any item dipped into it.

Auto Laminate is a hard coat technology that provides an enhanced scratch, solvent and chemical resistant surface that is able to alter texture and gloss levels on a part’s surface. A large range of wood, steel and carbon fibre textures are available.

Ideal for car dashboard, door trims, gear knob, gear box trim etc. Parts look just as they do coming straight from the factory, with 100% 3D part coverage, with ultimate UV protection and with brilliant clear coat shine and depth.

* We Offer 100% Satisfaction guarantee, we will redo the laminate if you are unhappy with the quality of the work

* We Offer a 1 year guarantee against manufacturing defects of our products

The Auto Laminate Process, Perfect results everytime.